CNN Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 special

On Sunday evening CNN had a special Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

They pretty much ignored the UFO possibility. They did mention the blip on the Radar associated with location or area that flight may have disappeared. CNN seem NOT to give an credit to the UFO angle at all. They did acknowledge Malaysian Airlines Corporation actions in association with Flight 370 were radical outside normal practices. They implied however in all other company matters Malaysian Airlines followed all the rules and practices. CNN implied the focus should be on whether Malaysian Airlines has always been a “good” company that it record shows them to be. But did not follow up that angle

CNN conclusion seem to be:
1. It more then likely can not be from mechanical failure. There was no SOS.
2 It could not be a system wide electrical failure. I forget why but CNN ruled it out. And said they still had other option for distress. I believe there are now aware it continued flying for 6 hours after it was lost by Air Traffic controllers. Even with complete failure of all instruments the pilots made course changes. If the plane changes, that mean humans were at the controls. The Pilots would have known how to navigate as part of their training without instruments.
3. It should/could not a terrorist/highjacking. CNN ruled that out.

Though CNN seem to rule out UFO or conspiracy theories.
CNN did make series of comments even if intercepted and forced land elsewhere to remove a passenger or group of passengers. The other passengers would eventually show up. CNN seem to refuse to believe that maybe there were all killed. This angle could be followed but the possibilities are almost endless

I see the UFO possibility as the ONLY reasonable explanation. Could it not be UFO related. YES as in all possibilities are possible. Till the wreckage is found proven other wise. It would appear that if the cause is NOT UFO. This means it would have to possibilities so outrageous it make the UFO option as the most logical.

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