UFO Sighting in Binghamton, New York on October 13th 2014 – Me and my grandpa were waiting for my grandma in cvs when we witnessed two weird objects coming from the north east -52 St they to me looked like I thought like buoys on fire on a water like wavering manner make and forth like wobbling.

At cvs in bingh��mton waiting for my grandma with my grandpa listening to music and suddenly the came from the north east – east. I turned and out the car windows seen what I thought was my imagination playing tricks on me but what looked like floating balloon like objects with extremely bright lights they moved how a buoy would on water in a wobbly manner and the lights were a yellow -orange color for both objects.i thought they were like helicopters or planes but then me and my grandpa realized that airplanes and helicopters don’t move like that plus they made absolutely no noise whatsoever. They first object was higher up and farther away and it moved straight up and changed directors quite a bit before just vanishing the second object was much closer and lower in altitude and did exactly the same that the first one did.i personally felt scared but at the same time in a state of awe because of the whole sight of both objects I then went to get a cellphone with a camcorder and camera setting to snap a picture or video but I was so shocked that I couldn’t get a good chance to try to do so but if I could of I definitely without a doubt with no hesitation would of did so.after the sighting it remained in my memory on the whole trip back home and me and my grandpa told each other what did we just see.we finally lost the objects because they just vanished and faded into literally thin air?.

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