Alien Encounter in Plano, Texas on July 16th 1999 – i was in field next to trailer park saw apparitton in front of me i was in another place not where i was supposed to be things started happening very scary.

Iwas out walking my dog 1am in morning next to trailer park where I lived. I saw object 20ft in front of me I kept staring at it. It looked about 7ft tall just a shadow I could make out
I was getting ready to walk to my left to go back to my trailer about 50ftto left was railroad tracks I had to cross to get my surprise standing in front of me was a large Wolfe. The Wolfe was eating something so I looked to my left and right to see what was qoinq on. To my suprise I wasn’t where I was supposed to be I was in a very large field like only thing I could see was tall looking grass
so I looked too see where wolf was he was gone.i was standing in this field of grass not having a clue where I was all I know is I was frozen in a state of mind I couldn’t move
I felt like I was hovering above the ground not actually on the ground
I could see the grass moving and I could hear a swisshing sound.i had to get out of there so I turned to my left and started walking. The next thing I saw was I was back to my place. I turned to look back and I didn’t see the place I had been.i went home and wrote myself a note to say this didn’t happen. The note was on the table when I woke up the next day.i never went over to the area after that I moved 6 months later.i do not have pictures.

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