Does Australia need official UFO researchers?

Sounds like they need to be more cooperative.


South Australian UFO researcher says a dedicated civilian group needs to be established to investigate and report mysterious sightings in our skies.

Long time UFO researcher, Keith Basterfield, said the Australian Air Force archived more than 10,000 UFO observations before they halted these records in 1990.
A number of keen groups and individuals around the country continued to unofficially collect UFO data, but Mr Basterfield wanted to see these reports brought together on a national level.
“There are a number of people who have done this for many years and are quite good at it, but what we’re lacking is a national-level perspective of what’s being reported,” he said.
With much mystery still surrounding these unidentified flying objects, Mr Basterfield hoped a more cohesive collection of sighting information could help lead to explanations.
“I want to know if there’s anything more to the whole subject beyond the 95 per cent that could be explained, and the small possibility of rare phenomena that science still doesn’t understand,” Mr Basterfield said.

Does Australia need official UFO researchers? – ABC North and West SA – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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