Nancy Birnes – UFO Magazine Editor – October 13, 2014

Nancy-and-Bill-Birnes-hsOpen Minds UFO Radio: Nancy Birnes is the former editor of UFO Magazine. She has been a journalist since she was in 11th grade in 1964. She has won many awards, including the Samuel Shellabarger Award for Creative Writing when she graduated from Princeton, summa cum laude, in 1979. Her husband Bill Birnes, was co-host of the TV show UFO Hunters, and has authored several books. We talk to Nancy about UFO Magazine, its status, and how she and Bill got involved with it. We also talk about Bill’s controversial book on UFO whistleblower retired Army Colonel Phillip Corso, The Day After Roswell.

Nancy and Bill host a podcast called Future Theater. You can find out more about Nancy on their website:

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