News on ‘Project SERPO’ deceptions takes researchers, public on complex path to truth

Got to be careful on what to believe in and what not to and what to hold off on any opinion about until more data is available.


This week, new information related to the so-called “Project SERPO” was posted on a Web site involved in this story. The information describes a new angle of deception and disinformation about this alleged U.S. Government project.
Project SERPO refers to claims that a top secret exchange program in the 1960s and ‘70s involved sending an American team of 12 military personnel to another planet, similar to the depictions in parts of the 1977 Steven Spielberg film CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND.
The newly released information may provide additional clarification, and confusion, on some of the factors involved in the Project SERPO story that surfaced for the general public in late 2005 and has been presented on the Web site
The new information appears on the Web site, a discussion forum and research site that has become one of the online platforms for Project SERPO information.
Several months ago, coordinator Bill Ryan chose the site to participate in online discussions about this alleged program. This site is the online home of the Open Minds Research Team.
According to the Open Minds Research Team Web site administrator and a report directly from their confidential sources posted this week, previous information provided to them about Project SERPO was false – at least partially false.

News on ‘Project SERPO’ deceptions takes researchers, public on complex paths to truth

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