South Dakota campers encounter UFO at ground level

Here is a close encounter of the second kind or almost so.

The object moved quickly toward the ground level and hovered over their camp site. Pictured: Custer, SD, near Black Hills National Forest. (Credit: Google)


Three South Dakota campers in Black Hills National Forest reported encountering a glowing UFO that moved toward them at ground level, according to testimony in Case 60560 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The three friends drove in from the Twin Cities arriving in Rapid City, SD, on the morning of Friday, June 20, 2014, stopping at a camping store for supplies. Armed with a national park map, they decided to explore a remote location that required driving an hour and-a-half to a camp ground.
“We geared up and began a hike up a nearby mountain,” the reporting witness stated. “The hike was very strenuous. It was not a designated trail and involved a lot of climbing over fallen trees. After a couple hours we reached the summit and found an area with a clearing in the trees and a suitable place to set up a base camp.”
The three immediately got busy with setting up their camp for the night.
“We built a fire ring out of stones, started a fire, and ate dinner as it began to get dark. That time of year the sun doesn’t set until late. It doesn’t get completely dark until almost 10 p.m., but when it does the stars really come out. There was zero light pollution and not a cloud on the sky. We sat and admired the stars as we listened to music and talked about our plans to hike to the top of mountain peak tomorrow.”
The witness first noticed the UFO as looking like a bright star.
“As I was looking towards the horizon, I noticed a very unusually large star giving off a lot of light. It was just above the horizon and visible through the trees. It appeared to be hovering in place, but as it clearly was moving I figured it had to be a plane.”

South Dakota campers encounter UFO at ground level –

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