UFO Sighting in Holyoke, Massachusetts on October 14th 2014 – Over 14, appearing & disappering, landing & taking off spontaneously. shape shifting

I was outside on the porch with my boyfriend smoking a ciggerette & we saw these bright white lights in a row. Then they turned red & blue & it was flying straight then made a sharp u turn, then was flying in a figure 8. & every time it turned it was diagonal & u cud see the diamond 3d shape it was. & the craft was very dark, looked kind of black. Then after that one flew over the building I was at they started just appearing all over flying all different directions. & they wud speed up toward the mountain & disappear in the mountain. & about a minute later over to the right side of the mountain they wud shoot up into the sky really fast. Changing light colors & formation. From a single blinking red light to a long line of super bright white lights flashing. At the same time there were yellow orange huge balls of light hovering & then start floating straight up really high until they just dissappered. I stayed out there with my boyfriend & 2 friend for 3 hours watching. & they are still out there now.

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