UFO Sighting in Tempe, Arizona on October 14th 2014 – Red/Green lights like navigational lights on a commercial aircraft but then started to flutter around in different paths before leaving.

At around 9:15-9:20 pm MST/Arizona time while walking dog, I caught a view of an object that was first thought to be a plane with blinking red and green navigational lights. I turned away from the object due to thinking it nothing more than that many planes that fly over due to living in flight path of local major airport (Sky Harbor). It wasn’t until I turned back a minute later did I notice that the object took on flight characteristics not like that of a conventional commercial plane.

It began to make a hard turn to the west from the south west direction it came but not at a complete 90 degrees. It then began to ascend and descend at differing diagonal vertical paths until finally seeming to hover an then jet off back in a SE direction. Once it did this it than began to hover in that area for a time of perhaps 33-45 seconds (according to attempted cellular video of the object). After doing so it than began to descend to a point where I could not see it and began to run around the building in my apartment to try and see if I could get a final view. I wasn’t able to other than see it descend down in a SE direction and disappear.

I was quite anxious, excited, nervous and really at a lost to come to a thought of what I just saw. I thought perhaps it could be a helicopter but the movements it made before jetting to the SE was like that of one randomly moving a cursor on a computer and not something you’d expect of a plane or helicopter.

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