Ufos and deep water lakes and the connection with new york?

If otherworldly visitors are here as I believe, it is little wonder why they may be interested in our waters.


For years it has been noted by UFO experts that areas near many deep water lakes around the world have an unusual amount of UFO sightings. These deep water lakes seem to be a magnet to UFO’s. There are many reports that some UFO leave the sky and enter the water, therefore becoming Unidentified Submerged Objects or USOs. So what does this have to do with New York State?

Seneca and Cayuga of New York’s Finger Lakes are New York State’s deep water lakes; Seneca Lake at 618ft/188m and Cayuga at 435ft/133m.
Needless to say both lakes have had their share of conventional aerial UFO sightings over the years. In July of 2011 there was a notable sighting reported by three different sets of observers.
13 July 2011: at about 9:45 p.m. a respected aunt had just returned from a family reunion, and before going into her residence, suddenly spotted large glowing orbs. She counted upwards of seven of them moving with pulsing light appearance. A bit frightened, she called several relatives to see if they could see the glowing orbs.
Miles away other relatives received a cellular phone call from their aunt and were asked to take a look.
A nephew recalls, “At first we saw nothing, but as we crested the first hill, I saw two lights over the trees, at a high altitude, to my right (South) pulsing and alerted my cousins and my mother. We watched these lights for a few moments, debating on whether or not they were stars at first. Both lights were blinking and pulsing very rapidly and then they moved across the highway to our North and joined with a third blinking light.”
At the aunt’s location her son had joined her and observed that three of the lights were in the triangle formation.

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