UFO Sighting in Alexander City, Alabama on October 16th 2014 – Very bright ball of light much larger than an airplane or a star. Traveling through the sky (not falling) suddenly brightened with a flash and then continued on for abut 15 more sec. until it faded out.

Around 7:30pm ( central time) I walked outside to take the trash to the end of my drive way. It was dark, cool, and cloudless with many stars visible in the sky. As I looked to the horizon, I noticed a very bright White ball of light traveling through the sky at a rather slower speed than what an airplane would be traveling at it’s assumed height. The size of the light was much larger when compared to a star or an airplane and did not blink. The size was about an aspirin size from where I stood. About 15 seconds into watching the light it suddenly flashed very brightly for about a half of a second. The light then just continued on its route and faded away about 15 seconds later- which was strange because I still had plenty of sky to watch it. While I was watching I just had this strange feeling that It wasn’t “normal” Especially when it flashed as if it was blinking at me which it only did that once.

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