UFO Sighting in Orinda, California on October 15th 2014 – Bright, multi-colored lights. Fast object, stopped, totally changed direction.

The sun had just gone down and it was just my three kids, my dad, and I at the elementary school field following soccer practice. Two airplanes were in the air. My eight year old son said, “There’s a fast satellite.” When I looked up, there was an object at a similar altitude as the two planes, however it was moving significantly faster. It had flashing blue lights on its perimeter. The blue lights turned to both green and red and it came to a very abrupt stop. It completely stopped briefly in midair, then completely changed its flight path; about a 15 degree angle. It didn’t go backwards on the same path, rather it went back in the general direction from where it came. I have never, ever seen anything like this in my life. It was moving way too fast to be an airplane. Airplanes cannot stop so immediately, and then change direction so quickly and drastically. It changed colors. It was flying at the same altitude as two other planes. It could not have been a remote controlled device as it was too high and covered way too much distance. Unbelievable and creepy experience.

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