UFO Sighting in Wellsburg, Iowa on October 16th 2014 – Unkown object flying across the sky

I was at work walking to my vehicle around 9am. I was walking east when I noticed a bright light in the sky. I was like wow the sun was really reflecting of that plane. The object kept moving westerly. I watched it for about 15 seconds. When I got to my vehicle I opened the hood checked a few things, which took about 30 seconds. I looked back to the direction of the light and the suns reflection was letting up. Thats when I noticed it was moving slow. I watched it for another 30 seconds and the suns reflection was completey off of it and I’m like thats not a plane. It was silver cigar shaped. I could not see wings at all. I watched it for proably 4-5 min before it disappered to the west side of the building. There was no vapor trail of any kind. I did get a pic of it. The object never changed coarse. I happend to look up about 1 min later and saw a jet traveling east, I could make out wings and a vapor trail, and it was moving faster then the object was. So what I saw was no airplane.The weather this day was sunny, no clouds in the sky.

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