UFO Sighting in Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 17th 2014 – Was hovering, lights brightened, brightest light turned off turned quockly , took off. Returned and hovered again.

The kids and I were standing on the front porch, they asked what the light in the sky was I told them it was a ufo didnt behave like a plane or helicopter. We watched it for about 10 min . It became very bright, could hardly look directly at it. Then the bright light went off, it turned quickly to the north, left the area. As it left we could see the shape. Its hard to explain. My son tried getting pictures on his phone but it was already too full of pics., wouldnt let him get pictures. the girls hoped it would land to meet them. . They were excited. The ufo returned to the same place and hovered again til a plane showed up. . Planes, helicopters were all over the area for about an hour afterwards. I’ve gotten used to seeing the crafts, orbs. I figured I’ll start reporting them. So people can see that their not out to harm us.

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