Black Triangle Sighting in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 18th 2014 – Observed 6-10 objects in a triangular formation in western sky west of Twin Cities

My wife and I were driving to the store at 7:23pm CST on 10/18/2014 when we both observed several glowing objects in the sky just above the tree tops. We live in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. As we traveled to the west we counted 6-10 randomly pulsating lights hovering 35 to 40 degrees above the horizon and appeared to form a triangular pattern . I fly R/C aircraft at night so I’m familiar with aircraft navigation lighting/ACS strobes. These lights were definitely not commercial or civilian aircraft. We did see an aircraft traveling to the south of the glowing objects. We did lose sight of the objects for about 5 seconds as we were driving due to trees in the area. The lights suddenly vanished 90 seconds after we started our drive.

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