UFO Sighting in Hays, Kansas on October 18th 2014 – looked like missile or rocket taking went high in atmosphere and then turned and headed south. Large yellow glowing object no blinking lights. I work for an airline this was no conventinal aircraft.

I work for an airline. I was at the Hays regional airport waiting for the evening flight to come in. Off in the distance I saw what appeared to be a rocket or missile climbing straight up to the northwest of my position. This was approximately 7:15 pm…dusk. The object continued to climb what appeared to be high in the atmosphere but at some point it then turned and headed south. Flew right over airport at roughly 7:25 pm. It flew faster than the jets do overhead and was larger.. Orange yellow ball shaped no blinking lights. This was no conventional aircraft I can assure you. It really appeared to have “launched” like a rocket then changed course once it reached altitude…however it was climbing for a few minutes..3 or so once I noticed it and it was well above the treeline when I first saw it. I estimate it came from Nebraska or Wyoming.I was distracted all night wondering what it was.

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