UFO Sighting in Kolkata, West Bengal on August 23rd 2014 – its disc like stucture .surrounded by a white band of light.3 lights on its base .2 red 1 green.

23.08.2014 a ufo like stucture seen near kolkata in west bengal,india(actual place is near bhadreswer and mankundu railway station which is near to kolkata).at 8 pm.a disc like circular stucture is moved in straight line way.with ita a random speeed like 120km/hr.its surface are dark and with the bright light band.and it is rotated on its own axis .the flying object some times stop and again move on.the whole event is over the lonely farming feild.it will seen by me when i traveling through train.not one time its regularly seen by me and other train passengers in between one month but now we can see it.and after this event on preveous night next morning i observed that 2-3 helicopters are moved over this spot of event may for serching something.there have 4-5 factory from about 4-5 km from the spot of event.

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