UFO Sighting in Troutdale, Oregon on October 18th 2014 – 16 bright orange lights flying overhead east to west.

I live in troutdale Oregon. At approximately 20:15 I noticed an odd light flying east to west. Then another then another, then multiple more. That’s when I grabbed my phone to get video.
They were all very bright orange red kinda yellow. All on the same flight path. About the same size as a commercial airliner. There was no noise associated with them. No red and green lights like an airplane would have. I observed them for about 2 minutes. They flew a little faster than the commercial jets I see heading towards PDX. On a slightly more northing path.
In all I saw at least 16. All the same size, and shape. All on the same path but a little farther apart. In a fairly rapid succession. Sometimes just one, sometimes 4 close together.
Living about 10 miles from PDX there were also commercial airliners in the sky. These looked much different and were a little faster, and higher. They also appeared to be larger.
I was able to watch them nearly horizon to horizon, ( blocked by trees). I’ve never seen anything like it, the only thing I could compare it to is the videos of scud missiles over Kuwait.
In my video they are hard to see but you can. I believe someone would be able to zoom in.
My son also noticed them while he was riding home from a party. He only saw two of them. He’s 11.

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