Black Triangle Sighting in St. Louis, Missouri on October 19th 2014 – Triangle shaped with white lights down the sides and across the back of the triangle with a red flashing light underneath near the point of the triangle.

While driving east on the highway headed home I noticed something in the sky headed in the direction of the airport but it was extremely low to be landing at the airport. Also it was an odd shaped object as it appeared to be triangular in shape. I noticed it had white lights placed along the sides of the object and also along the back end of the object. There was a single red light blinking underneath or in between the rows of white lights. The object appeared to be a very large aircraft but unlike any I’ve ever seen. It struck me that if this was a airplane it was extremely low if it was on approach to the airport which was at least 5-7 miles away. I first observed it as it was traveling from northeast to southwest as it crossed over the highway. I was listening to music in my vehicle and didn’t hear any noise from the craft which was odd since a plane that low would have easily been heard even over the music. It was flying slowly like a small propeller plane on approach for landing. It passed in front of me and continued on its southwest course and I didn’t see it after it passed over the highway. I was puzzled by this craft as I am a retired Air Force service member and quite familiar with most kinds of aircraft.

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