UFO Sighting in San Francisco, California on October 11th 2014 – UFO only visible at 240 FPS recording of blue endless (FLEET WEEK) – there must be hundreds of these videos

I was watching Blue Angles with 100’s of people on rooftops. I used my iPhone6 to shoot several slow mo videos of blue angles. Never getting them quite right above me.

5 days later, I watched the videos and when I saw them in slo-mo (they were shot at 240FPS) I saw something pretty incredible.

There must be 100’s of videos like that, 10,000+ people were watching the blue angles. I did not see anything in real time and you cannot really see anything in real time on the video either.

But since I was shooting at 240FPS, at slow mo, object moving across the sky, making a loop to “look” at the flying blue angles, while they look almost still and taking off at 10-100x the speed of the jet planes is clearly visible.

I have the original video, untouched on my iPhone 6. It could be validated by experts. You could also ask on local tv station for other people who shot 3:27:00 – 3:28:00PM in high speed!
Other people must have much better video of this.

There were hundreds of people who must have shot this and just did not realize what is on their videos.

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