UFO Sighting in West Virginia on October 9th 2014 – What I saw was something I've never seen before and made me want to contact this site.

I was sitting on my dad’s front porch around 830pm eastern time on October 9th with my sister and dad and I noticed a bright light rising above a tree at a distance and didn’t think anything of it until It paused in the sky followed by two more light behind it. My sister then noticed it and it got my dad’s attention and the lights were extremely bright on the bigger object. We went out into his side yard and my sister took a few pictures of it and a video as it was almost hovering in the sky and out of no where the bigger object just takes off at a speed that I can’t even describe and followed by the other 2 lights which weren’t as fast. It shot out over a cow feild and where my dad lives it’s really quiet so you can hear everything. So after it stopped over the cow field you could hear the cows making noises for a few seconds and then it got quiet. None of the objects made any kind of sound even at the speeds they were traveling. The light stayed out at a distance for a little while just flashing which a very bright light. After a little while of looking at it my sister left and as she was driving home my dad noticed something when he looked straight up and told me to look and it was a very large object maybe about the size of a large aircraft but it was so cloudy out that night all you could see were some of the lights. It to was quiet and it took off and was out of sight. What we saw that night was real and I’m not exactly sure what it was but it got my attention and it was really interesting. We have photos of the objects and would really like to find out what we saw.

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