UFO Sighting in Georgia on October 21st 2014 – Driving north on I-75 saw bright gold/orange object that moved away very quickly

12:17 am Oct 21st exactly –I was driving north bound between Moores Mill and West Paces Ferry Rd on I-75. I was coming home from work.

There was a police man who pulled someone over,so a few cars were merging left to move over due to the police man out of his car giving someone a ticket. I was very alert looking in all my mirrors, being diligent not to be caught off guard. What I am saying is my situational awareness was increased. A hundred feet after the police incident I saw an orange light that seemed to be growing in size the first few seconds I laid on eyes on it. It may have been hovering but I had a hard time getting perspective on the light the first one to two seconds. At three seconds I realized this object was not a light from a plane or any other known/similar object. I am former Air Force and without bragging, have seen every type of aircraft from most of my time at special operations fields or active squadrons. I know night cockpits from C-130s to light config on special rotor craft. My father was a naval aviator so I really have seen it all.

But I was driving and I had gotten out ahead of the pack of slowed cars. After seeing this gold glowing bright radiant object I immediately began to slow my car by tapping my breaks and moving over to the right hand lane. I saw the object almost underneath. It was a glowing bright object not perfectly round, but maybe in a elongated shape like a bullet, but it was not moving or possibly drifting. Bright and shiny like a very bright star. As I approached the Chattahochee River /I-285 it was driectly above. I had slowed to 40 mph and had my head stuffed over my dash. As I was almost directly under it, the object seemed to vanish into or behind something. It just moved in a short line leaving a glow streak and then it seemed to dissappeared. This gave the impression that it traveled a short distance and just went inside another invisble object or who knows….????

I continued to drive on thinking “did it just dissappear?” I almost swereved into the exit, at Cumberland parkway but at that speed I may have crashed. I just drove on thinking about all the details so I could make this report. This was not a helicopter, plane, or satelite. It could have been the ISS (?) I have seen that before and it looked the same orange color… the brightness could have been due to clear night air. This reporet is an FYI so maybe someone else saw it.

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