UFO Sighting in Kansas City, Missouri on October 20th 2014 – a huge boomerang shaped object with still lights

I work overnight security watching residential buildings. During one of my patrols at around 2240-2250, a dimly lit moving object in the sky caught my attention, upon closer inspection I noticed that the light was actually a cluster of lights (at least a dozen) attached to what seemed like a boomerang. it’s important I note that I never saw the boomerang itself, I am only assuming that because the lights seemed to be attached because they were moving in a perfect synchronization. I can guarantee that was no man-made plane. the simplest example I can give is, if you were to see the cluster of Orion’s belt moving while other stars remained stationary. I reported it to the police has one coof laughed at my face and the other tried to find reasons to disprove it. this is my first ever experience witnessing something like that in person. I have always been a skeptic towards sighting and usually doubted whether people actually miss understood an object for something that it wasn’t. but I know for a fact it was definitely not a plane.

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