UFO Sighting in Mesick, Michigan on September 15th 2014 – a glowing/blinking ball of light floated very strange like a leaf in the breeze.

In mid August I stepped out for a cigarette around 12:00 A.M., I was just north of a ski resort in Wexford county by about a mile. I am usually looking in the sky at night so seeing what I saw was no problem. At first I thought it was a plane or helicopter but it couldn’t have been. As I stepped into the middle of the driveway and lit up my cigarette, I started star gazing and looked casually to my left which is east, I witnessed a glowing orb moving across the ridge/horizon I am facing from east to west, blinking on random times not like a plane or copter. And it scooted then hovered scooted then hovered and when it was directly above the ski resort it actually moved as if it was following a ski run in the air. It looked like if a star randomly smoothly zig zagged across the southern ridge. At this point my mind is opening to new outlooks and possibilities while this is happening.so the ufo stopped above the ridge, it held a position about 350+ feet up, and disappeared.

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