UFO Sighting in Ocean City, Maryland on August 8th 2014 – Three object out over the ocean at Ocean City Maryland August 8 2014

Was on my private hotel balcony on vacation at Ocean City Maryland when I seen the 3 objects heading from the horizon south east out over the Atlantic Ocean heading north ward up to about a 45 degree angle. First there were 2 objects one following the other these same two vanished or disappeared but did so slowly and did not vanish instantly.. About 4 minutes later the third object followed the same flight path and did the exact same thing and vanished. All three were Orangeish in color. All three you could say were like Orbs I guess or glowing type balls.. I also happened to have my binoculars which I always take to the shore. They did not help me to identify these objects but only confused/irritated me all the more when I could not make them out. The speed they traveled was not fast but consistent and ever so slightly upwards. I have yet to hear much if anything about this sighting. I’m sure there were thousands of people that night at that time on the boardwalk! No Noise was heard as if they were jets of some sort.. Besides that afterburners would of made quite a bit of noise. No helicopter rotor blades were heard either.. No Noise.. Nothing.. However boardwalk noises could of masked this but I sort of doubt it.. I spent 8 years in the United States Air Force and I know my aircraft. Unless it was the Maryland National Guard or an active duty component of the Air Force or Navy, or even Coast Guard I have no idea what they were.. But I am not one for making anything up. I have also seen that others have seen similar objects some of which are on You Tube. All I can say is that it left me feeling a little bewildered and wondering.. Aircraft do not glow on their sides like this, nor are their exterior lightings like this either.. Or I have at least not seen this type before. I am also an amateur astronomer. So You can rule out anything celestial. No planet or star like stuff, meteor’s etc.. Oh.. And no Chinese lantern stuff either.. These objects were way to big and way to far out over the ocean and traveling way to fast for a lantern or any type of fireworks etc from a boat.. Thanks

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