Black Triangle Sighting in Peterstown, West Virginia on October 20th 2014 – outside on front porch and the sky got really dark all of a sudden I looked up and seen 3 objects in sky one was round and the other ones were diamond shaped with pulsating lights

I was on my front porch and all of a sudden I noticed the sky got really dark in a certain area my lights flickered my cell phone was scrammbled and I looked up at the sky and seen a really large diamond shaped object with pulsating lights flying towards my house it stopped and just started hovering over the power lines in front of my house then I noticed to more objects hovering in behind it the one behind this one was also diamond shaped and had pulsating lights it had lights on the inside of this dome looking thing the third one was round it also had lights all over it just blinking my dogs went crazy astarted barking and growling I tried yo take a picture of the objects but my phone e wouldn’t work so I just stood there observing them and they were maybe 500 feet above me if that they hoovered all over my neighbors field and then the next thing I know is I just see 3 steaks of light shoot over top of my house and they were gone

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