UFO Sighting in Port St. Lucie, Florida on October 20th 2014 – bright white light, flashed twice in front of me and flew off at light speed and blinked 2 more times i could see and then lost sight of it. made no noise at all and flew off faster then anything man made could

I was on my porch staring at the night sky facing south. A bright light flashed (strobe light like) twice rapidly over my back yard area and what seemed rather low, ive never seen anything like this and i watch out over this area frequently. It seemed like 5 seconds later with no sound at all the 2 white flashes of lights blinked again but now they were what seemed half a mile to a mile away( the term light speed came to mind). Another 5 seconds went by and i think i may have saw the 2 flashes again but it was to far to be certain. Like i said i watch this area of night sky frequently and have never seen anything like this,the quietness and speed of this object has blown my mind..i cant stop thinking about this thing.

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