UFO Sighting in West Des Moines, Iowa on October 21st 2014 – Driving westbound on I-235. Saw one orb. Then another they hovered and moved slowly in sky. Then third appeared. Third danced around the other two then the three formed a triangle.

At approximately 18:15 on Tuesday 10/21/14, I was driving westbound on I-235 in West Des Moines, Iowa at 60 mph. I was driving a 2009 Ford Focus. I was in the lane that eventually directs drivers into the I-80/35 northbound exit. I noticed in the distance a bright light reflecting in the sunlight as the sun was just setting. Then, I saw a dimmer light off to it’s left. Then a third light appeared and “danced” around the other two lights, which were now about the same brightness, before they formed a triangle formation for a few seconds before breaking off the formation. The third light disappeared but the other two were still visible before the second light disappeared leaving just the original object. This entire sighting lasted from just west of 35th Street in West Des Moines to the West Mixmaster. I would estimate that the objects somewhere over 60th and 74th Streets in West Des Moines and roughly south of Interstate 80. I would estimate the objects to be hovering and moving slowly westward around 30-40 degrees above the horizon. I had to keep moving as I was working so I lost sight of the last object once I was driving northbound on I-235. My immediate feelings were that what I have seen on different TV shows over the years was now confirmed by my own two eyes in person.

Additionally, at approximately, 19:25, while waiting for red traffic lights to change to green at the intersections of Third Streets and Second Streets near downtown Des Moines and the I-235 exit (a long exit), I looked up to my left and saw a moving light moving slowly eastbound with no red or green position light or any stobes. As I was turning on to Second Avenue to go northbound, the lighted object disappeared from my sight. I would estimate the object to be around 2,000 feet MSL.

Further,I have observed bright lights for a few seconds only to disappear quickly several times over Saylorville Lake in recent years and once while exiting I-35 northbound and Oralabor Road in Ankeny, Iowa about 1.5 months ago.

Finally, just last week, I had a dream and there was an alien in it. The alien was friendly. It had wet skin with no hair but was humanoid.
Also, as I was driving on to Cherry Glen Court (a block from my house) at approximately 2:30 a.m. Sunday 10-19-14, a large owl swooped down and almost hit the top of my car. The owl was moving in the same direction as my car so all I saw was the back of the owl but it was definitely an owl.

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