We're About To Learn A Lot More About Area 51

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When the National Atomic Testing Museum of Las Vegas opened its “Area 51: Myth or Reality” exhibit two years ago, it became an instant hit. It wasn’t just the only place that had a comprehensive knowledge of Area 51 — it gave a venue to former employees of America’s top secret military base to present their involvement in declassified projects.
Today, the museum is expanding.
“Area 51: Myth or Reality” is re-opening its doors today to give the public more of the truth about one of the most secretive military installations. After all, Area 51 is the same facility that spawned America’s stealth fighter technology as well as decades of speculation about the alleged testing of recovered UFOs.

“It’s fair to say that an awful lot of people were very skeptical of us presenting anything that had to do with UFOs and space travel and aliens. But I felt compelled to at least address that part of the story in this Area 51 exhibit, so that became a big part of it,” said museum executive director and CEO Allan Palmer.
Palmer, a former distinguished Air Force and Navy jet fighter pilot, told The Huffington Post what people can expect from the newly-tweaked Area 51 exhibit.
“We’ve added some really interesting elements to the exhibit that weren’t there before — some extra artifacts, a different look and feel to make more of a definition between the myth and reality sides of the exhibit. We wanted to create the experience for the visitor of going through Area 51, first of all, just knowing what it is and getting a little bit of in-character view as you walk in, a briefing by the guards, admonishing you not to tell anybody about what’s going on and keeping it to yourself.”
The National Atomic Testing Museum — one of a handful of national museums — is the most logical place to house an exhibit devoted to Area 51, which is located about 100 miles north of Las Vegas.

We’re About To Learn A Lot More About Area 51

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