‘Silver Orb’ UFO Spotted in Romford Sky

‘Silver Orb’ UFO Spotted in Romford Sky

UFO NEWS: ‘Silver Orb’ UFO Spotted in Romford Sky

By Sam Gelder

     Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a UFO, according to one Romford resident.

The witness, David, logged a strange sighting on website uk-ufo.co.uk, claiming he saw a “slow moving silver orb” coming towards him at 7.27pm on Friday.

In his “witness statement,” he said: “I saw a slow moving silver orb from a distance coming towards me. I thought maybe it was a plane but as it got closer to me, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t, it went directly over my house so I ran from where I was in my back garden to the front.

“Its light went out for a couple of seconds and then came on again, then completely disappeared from sight.” . . .

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