Alien Encounter in Bainbridge, Ohio on March 31st 1948 – My father said earlier in the day he had gone into a barn and saw a huge owl resting on a beam! He came back to our house and took me there! I saw nothing, but he was very excited

My father had taken a walk sometime earlier in the day and came back to our cabin located on 7 Caves Road in Hightland County between the villages of Bainbridge and Rainsboro, OH. This was either in the Spring or Fall of 1948! We had moved there a year or so earlier from Chillicothe. He seemed very excited and kept telling me he had seen something, a huge owl in an old dilapidated barn located across US 50 which was undergoing some construction at the time. A new widened section with a new bridge was being built. He was acting strange and agitated telling me he wanted me to see the owl. We walked across a fallow farm field that was uncultivated and wild with weeds and undergrowth. We went in the barn and he kept saying how amazing the owl was! As we entered the barn he began pointing excitedly to a cross beam strut maybe 20 or 30 feet above the barn floor. When it was obvious that the owl wasn’t there, he seemed to be confused and disoriented and kept telling me about how beautiful the owl was. We stood in there maybe 5 or 10 minutes while he tried to tell me about his encounter. We returned home and my grandmother, his mother was preparing a meal. It was like he completely forgot about the event. I remember asking him sometime later about the owl and it was like it never happened.
The reason I chose to write this report was years later I saw a very large object in the dark of what appeared to be a very large owl resting up in a tree at night. Suddenly the bird or winged creature descended down out of the branches of a tree adjacent to Buffalo Bayou in Houston on a property our group was leasing for a Men’s Association dedicated to exploring many issues men face in a changing social environment since the Women’s Lib Movement began in the 60’s. This was about 1993 or 1994. Something jogged my memory about these two events and their possible connection to each other though separated by decades of time.

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