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Above is a link to what I’m talking about.

I’m curious and would love some feedback.
What would you do if you were a collective of planets.
–All Father–?

You as a young person figured things out/was interacting with things that gave you control beyond all other?
You did what you did and what happened happened.
You forgot now years down the road. As you deal with others they carry out your orders to do almost anything, but you are not receiving help. Asking for help/not receiving? Ordering Help not receiving. Unable to supply help to yourself because?
Not sure–possibly self/other at other time.
Your current ability to physically function is very low.
You have been giving orders not remembering. To well not have the best things done.
Your memories are returning, You may be actively destroying the collective of planets.
You now see that you are this groups and others All Father or what will you.

This group has not helped you for anything but suffering to others and watched you be in need.

Do you do what?

Use your means to continue to destroy all them and soon punish earth?
Waste your time trying to reason with them and not get anywhere?

What would you do in a situation like this?

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