UFO Sighting in Ironton, Ohio on October 23rd 2014 – Orange orbs that emerged from each other then faded away

I was at my home just outside of Ironton Ohio. It was late and dark outside.It was a clear night. I proceeded to take my house dog outside for a bathroom break and to get the mail. The time was approximately 9pm. I looked at the local power plant (Duke Energy) and noted a brighter them normal star hovering above the plant and possibly over US 52. Then. The object appeared orange/red like fire. It was motionless. It dimmed away. Then came back and gave birth to an object the same size and color. This object moved to my right of the first object. Then the new object gave birth to a third. This third object moved to the right as well. At this moment the we’re all the same size, color and shape. They were at equal distance apart. The all dimmed away and vanished. I told my wife inside the house. She came outside. Now, another orb had reappeared. It was identical to the ones I had seen. It dimmed away as well. She notified her parents who live next door. My mother in law came out side and witnessed a similar event shortly after us. It made us very anxious and yet left us reeling with amazement. Other stars and planes were visible at the time, however nothing compared to these objects.

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