UFO Sighting in Morgantown, West Virginia on October 24th 2014 – Larger than plane, UFO hovering and zig-zagging w/o leaving

I have been watching this thing for 30 min to an hour. It stays in it’s location but moves around in a zig zag or dancing pattern side to side and up and down with actually going anywhere. It hovers in same spot for long periods. When a plane was approaching at about the same altitude, it moved up about double and then triple the space above the plane. After the plane passed, it came back down. It is now (1:40 am) hovering just above the ridge. I am between Grafton and Morgantown on Rt 119. The UFO is in the eastern sky. When I first started watching it was just to the right of the dipper. It is lower in the sky now and the dipper is up above. I tried taking photos with camera phone and a video camera which ran out of power and then film…don’t know if I got anything.

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