UFO Sighting in Buena Park, California on October 17th 2014 – Strange object flying extremely close to us

I was driving my fiance to work roughly around 4:40 am, we were driving on the 5 North freeway towards Los Angeles. The radio was not on and we were wide awake conversating. Then we noticed something in the sky! I LOVE airplanes so of course I wanted to see it fly over me. Well it was clearly not an airplane. It was flying very low as when an airplane is getting near its landing destination. One would think that this plane would crash into a building of how low it was flying. It did not make a single sound nor do I remember any lights on the flying object. My fiance did claim that it had a red light, which sadly is not in my memory. The object had a low glow to it, it was almost transparent to the night sky if it weren’t for the low glow it had. It was big the size and shape of an airplane but it did not have wings. It did have something smaller attach to its left side though. I spend every night since October 17,2014 looking through the web for any recorded sightings. I know that at least 30 other individuals had had to seen this! It was flying right on top of us, going in the opposite direction. Yet I have not yet to find anything. Being a girl that spends hours a week looking at airplanes I can clearly and confidently state that this was not an airplane or any regular flying earth object. I did not believe in UFOs until that experience and I will never forget the clear image of that day.

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