UFO Sighting in Ogdensburg, New York on October 24th 2014 – 3 orbs over field on the way to Hammond

First and foremost, I am a former MUFON member that has become freelance. My manager and I were on the way to a client’s house tonight en route to Hammond, NY. As we were headed on 37 North, about 5 minutes from Hammond, I had noticed in the sky 2 orange orbs. There were two that were together; and looked almost like a plane coming in for a landing. However as I have continued to observe, I had noticed that the “pair” of orbs blinked out and reappeared slightly further north of the position I first saw them. I had grabbed my manager’s attention. Eventually a third one appeared. I was struggling to get the video on my iPhone to work, but I think it was too dark for it -_- Eventually they stopped “chasing” one another.

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