UFO Sighting in Bath Township, Michigan on October 26th 2014 – Lights in V-formation (extremely similar to Phoenix Lights) with other lights to the side in no pattern flew almost directly above my path and I believe I have an explaation.

I was walking back to my dorm at night (Michigan State University) listening to music on my headphones. I was looking up at the stars because the sky was extremely clear. I noticed light streaking across the sky in the corner of my right eye. I looked over and saw lights in a V-formation with several lights to the side that were in no particular pattern. The lights appeared to be the size and distance of airplane lights. The lights were moving very smoothly across the sky in a straight path. The lights stayed equidistant and locked in formation with each other for the duration of my sighting. The lights then disappeared behind a tree and then behind Spartan Stadium. If the lights were at the same altitude as airplanes, they would have been moving EXTREMELY fast. I immediately pulled out my headphones and I heard no sounds coming from the lights. The area around me on ground level was quiet.I had a small turf field with stadium lights to my left and a large set of fields with stadium lights to my right. Beyond the field to my left was Spartan Stadium.

The V part of the formation appeared to be much sharper than the V formation in the Phoenix Lights.
I believe the V-formation was comprised of MORE than 5 lights; although I am not really sure.

MY EXPLANATION: A few seconds after the “lights” disappeared, I began to think “how?” and “what?”. My theory is that it was a small flock of birds. The stadium lights that surrounded me could have reflected off of the underbelly of the birds, explaining why I could see them against the night sky. I believe the birds would have been brownish, but I can not speculate on size. The relative size of the “lights” and the speed would have made sense. I did not, however, see wings flapping.

MY VIEW ON UFOs: I am a strong believer in science and statistics, and I understand that alien life most probably does exist. That is exciting to me. However, I do not personally believe there is evidence that alien life has visited modern day earth. I think that most all UFO sightings are explainable.

SIDE NOTE: There was once a few years ago when I saw something thats behavior I still cannot explain. This lack of explanation Bothers me!

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