UFO Sighting in Crystal Lake, Illinois on October 26th 2014 – bright lights in the sky that shouldn't be there.

I had stepped out side my house to get some fresh air and star gaze due to my insomnia, and I noticed off to my left dead east a pulsing red-orange and blue light about 20 degrees off the horizon out toward the air field. I thought to myself “hmmm, now what is that?” It wasn’t like any plane I had seen before. thinking it might be a planet i tried to get it on my camera phone, (usually i cant get any light past a quarter mile on my phone in the dark) the first object registered on my phone so i took some pictures trying to use the street light as a reference. then there was a meteor shower of about 5 to 7 streaks of light just over my head, i happened to look up, while I was scanning the sky looking for an explanation of this object. I went inside to get my sister in-law who was still up to come out and see this weird thing. she came out and observed the object with my wife their other sister and my mother in-law. as they all went back inside out of fear/and an unwillingness to be out in the dark and cold i stood and watch the object for another 20 min I decided to look up on my phone where the planets where and according to the internet they would have been behind me in the west, so i set my camera to video and recorded the object some more. while i was scanning the neighborhood i notice a second light to the south east over my friends house. it too was moving in a slow wobbly vertical motion flashing none standard aviation colors. in total i have several pictures and 3 videos. unfortunately my phone is dead, i have it on a charger but i cannot submit the photos or videos at this moment in time.

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