UFO Sighting in Knoxville, Iowa on October 25th 2014 – 1 White bright light moving fast changed color broke into 3 dancing changing colors no sound

I live in the country and was outside buzzing my hair out back and I always just look up at the sky when there is no clouds since its so beautiful in the country with no city lights. I saw a couple airplanes as I sat and brushed off my excess hair and as i Went from looking straight up i looked more towards the south and saw a white light moving very fast. I dont know how high it was but i suspect it was very very high. It changed direction towards the east on a dime and made a zig zag type of move the only thing that came into my head was like barry sanders running around but it zig zagged so fast it felt like my mind took a minute to catch up. it then either broke into 3 total spheres or lights that started to dance around each other. right before it broke off it went from a white/blue type color and changed a bunch of colors in a split second but i do remember a flash of purple green and some kind of beautiful blue. when they danced around still flying and moving about very fast they changed colors but the faster they “danced” the more the colors changed and when they werent moving as much colors still pulsed but it was slower. The colors I mostly saw were a mix of white, purples and violets, and blues and greens. Mostly purples and blues. Im not sure exactly how long this happened since I just stood there in awe watching it. But they headed north/north east and looked like the 3 orbs went back into one and then instantly lost view of it. On a seperate note dogs and coyotes about 10 min later all around the area were howling which was odd but didnt even think about it meaning anything until i wrote this. The feeling i got while watching this I was not scared or anything bad, I felt at peace and felt beauty like I was watching a famous artist paint.

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