Black Triangle Sighting in Crestwood, Illinois on October 26th 2014 – very large triangle, appeared as an vague outline, extremely dim blueish lights lights

In my backyard smoking a cigarette just looking at the sky (I always look to the stars), I have been seeing a few odd orb-shaped objects in the last few weeks (they appear to be dim stars but with sudden flashbulb effect and then sudden movement, with extreme-angle changes in flight path/rate of travel)
Earlier this evening I saw what was probably a communications satellite traveling due-south/due-north with no variance in course or rate of travel, but on this sighting I was just about to go back inside when I looked to the east and saw a very large triangular shape moving at very high rate, but just an outline, as if it were cloaked or transparent, it quickly disappeared behind very thin upper-atmosphere cloud cover heading southeast. I had an experience as a small child (about 5 yrs old)that involved a very large craft (like an upside-down Aircraft carrier at very low altitude, and two military aircraft tracking, at the time I had the overwhelming sense that time had been suspended and I wasn’t supposed to be seeing what I saw, it was as if the craft had entered through a dimensional/time(?) porthole, and the military jets I saw hadn’t been invented in 1956 when this occurred, it took me over 50 yrs to finally tell someone about it because I thought nobody would ever believe me.. but this latest sighting really freaked me out. it wasn’t a plane, I’ve lived within 10-12 miles of both Midway & O’Hare airports for 63 yrs …I know a airplane or helicopter when I see one…this was something very different, the classic triangle craft we hear about… I’m still a little shaken…

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