UFO Sighting in Hollis, Oklahoma on October 24th 2014 – Walking home I noticed a very bright blue object hovering a good distance above me. l got my phone out & started recording & suddenly a few small white blinking lights came towards the blue object which started moving East & vanished.

I was walking home from Loves Country Store going west down Broadway and turned North on 2nd Street and that’s when I noticed a bluish object hovering in the sky that intensified in brightness as I watched.
I quickly drop my groceries and reach for my cell phone and started recording it. While I was recording I noticed a couple of small white lights blinking & were heading towards the blue object. When the first one got close it started moving away Eastwardly and when one got very close to it, it just winked out.
The smaller white blinking objects kept heading East in the direction the blue thing was going & on my way home I saw two more blinking lights going towards the East in the same area.
I believe the small blinking lights were fighters because of their speed but for some reason I couldn t hear a sound coming from them. They could have been higher than I thought but I don’t believe so. You can see on the video how far away they were. The sound you hear on the video is from the highway not the objects.
The objects were almost directly above the football stadium over in the North part of town and I question some people from the game and they said they heard nothing and saw nothing. It seems that if they were some type of conventional aircraft they would have definitely heard them. Somebody would have heard them.
If you take a close look at the video and zoom in and look around you’ll see that there is a blinking object coming from the North, which is the direction I’m facing, and you’ll definitely see the one that closes in & comes right up to the object as it is heading East and vanishes. They were either checking it out or part of its entourage.
We have an Air Force Base over in Altus about 45 miles from here but they house Galaxy Class transport planes (C-5s). I’ve never seen any fighters from there and I’ve never seen them escort anything before like this. I’vSouthwest Oklahoma and its wide open territory where they test things I Just another of the oddities of Southwest Oklahoma and its wide open territory where they test things I believe.from the Red River south of us to I-40 North of us which, covers about 70 miles or so, there is nothing but complete barren territory. they could pretty much start another “Area 51” here. LOL but seriously people do see a lot of strange things around here day and night. My YouTube site is “Paladone101” if you want to see some of my other sightings. The one about the cylindrical UFO I already reported to you guys. I see a lot of things here but they’re usually too fast for me to get on video and it’s hard to make people believe you if you don’t have proof.
if I’m forgetting anything or leave something out or you need more information let me know you got my number.
This is the second time I reported this because I believe my first report eariler today didn’t go through because of bad connection if it did I’m sorry.

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