UFO Sighting in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 25th 2014 – noticed flaming object in the sky that was moving quite quickly.

We were sitting at the intersection of Washington st and Raceway rd (39��43’45.98″N 86��19’35.38″) facing south twards the airport waiting for the traffic-light to change at roughly 21:00(-5GMT) October 25th 2014.

I noticed a red light moving across the sky. I didn’t really think much of it at first, being so close to the airport, but upon second glance there were no navigation lights on the thing and it was moving quite fast for a passenger aircraft. Moreover as I focused on the object, it was what looked like a sort of triangular ovoid that was emitting flames in all directions.

I pointed it out to the person in the passenger seat.

They tried to get a picture, but camera phones are useless for night-sky images near cities.

We watched as it circled the airport until the traffic-light turned green and we turned and headed east. We watched it as much as we could while driving. We lost view of if behind a row of trees and laughed about how we had just seen a ufo.

I do regret not being able to give you my name or contact information.

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