UFO Sighting in Spokane, Washington on October 26th 2014 – looked like a large orange star, the it was as if it split open with a red orb in the center with the orange surrounding it then it went back to all orange and disappeared almost as if it was something exploding

I went out on the back porch of my fathers house to let the dogs out at about 8:45 pm (PDT) on october 26th. I was looking up at the stars in the sky to the south. I then noticed what I thought might be a large star that appeared orange in color.It appeared almost circular in shape and kind of a hazy orange color. within a few seconds it almost appeared to open like an egg cracking open and in the center there was a red orb and the hazy orange color surrounded it. then it was almost as if it closed and went back to all orange and then it just vanished. I continued to watch and had my brother looking up with me to see if the light returned, thinking maybe it was a plane light or a satelite but the light never returned. It all happened within a matter of seconds and I even started to question whether something had exploded extremely high in the sky. I notified the american meteorlogic society and attempted to contact the faa to see if there had been any satelites or planes that had exploded. it made me think of what an exploding star would look like because it was stationary, not like a meteor with a tail.

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