James McGaha — Is He Mentally Ill?

Sometimes I wonder if someone like McGaha is genuinely mentally ill, as would seem, or whether he really knows the truth and is just playing the game of disinformation. McGaha, astronomer and director of the Grasslands Observatory in Tucson, has a long history of pseudo-scepticism and debunking, including some of the stupidest, intelligence-insulting crap known to man.

But his latest goes even further.

A lot of you may be familiar with the Florence, Italy mass UFO sighting above a soccer stadium in 1954. Objects were seen to move very quickly across the sky, then suddenly stop, then eventually fly off again. McGaha — a senior astronomer (!) first of all believed the objects to be “meteors breaking up”. OK, now let’s just contemplate that for a moment. An astronomer, who believes meteors can stop in mid-flight, hover, and then continue their trajectory. This is a senior astronomer. How did he qualify for that position if he has such little understanding? I bet if you polled 1,000 people in the street, 95% of them would know that meteors can not hover. It’s that basic. But McGaha doesn’t know this, apparently.

Anyway, he has now recanted from his original position … and has come up with a “better” solution: spiders. That’s right. What the people saw were luminous spiders spinning webs across the roof of the stadium.

I put it to you that James McGaha is mentally ill and is not fit to hold the position of director of astronomy.

Thoughts? Is he really mentally ill, or is he just playing games?

Spiders blamed for mass UFO sighting – Openminds.tv

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