MJ-12: The Only Fiction is The Majestic 12 Documents, Declares, Randle

By Kevin Randle
The UFO Chronicles

    I don’t like wasting time on the fictional MJ-12 documents. Clouds of nonsense thrown out, but little in the way of actual documentation. I didn’t mention Dr. Wescott’s impressive academic background because it wasn’t relevant to the discussion… which was that he suggested that he was unable to prove or disprove that Hillenkoetter was the author of the EBD.

We are told that neither the Aztec nor the Plains of San Agustin crash were mentioned because they didn’t get news coverage. What a ridiculous idea, unless we are to believe that the authors of the EBD had to rely on the news media for their leads to these events. But wait, wasn’t there a bestselling book, Behind the Flying Saucers published in 1950 that did cover the Aztec crash, not to mention articles that appeared in the Denver newspapers?…

Or that the El Indio – Guerrero is not mentioned in any news coverage or articles until the late 1960s, but it somehow managed to make it into the EBD.

Or that the El Indio – Guerrero crash is the fatal flaw because it didn’t happen, was conceived in the late 1960s by a man whose military record is also falsified and if that event didn’t take place, then how could it appear in a document for the president in 1952?

Or that the whole date format, that is zero, day, month, comma, year (06 December, 1950) has not been found on any document that is of American creation but that Bill Moore habitually used this format… what an interesting coincidence. Yes, I noticed that Stan did not represent that date as it appeared in the EBD.

And if we wish to talk about writing fiction, which Stan insists on bringing up repeatedly, let’s talk about Gerald Anderson’s “black” sergeant and the validation Stan created for it by inserting that word into an interview of Bill Brazel conducted by Don Schmitt and me and recorded on audio tape… and Bill Brazel’s denial that any of the service members who visited him were black. This was an invention made to corroborate the rapidly failing tales told by Anderson… who did take Dr. Buskirk’s Anthropology class. What did the school officials tell Stan when he spoke with them in 1991? Talk about writing fiction.

And before I forget, I have been to many, many archives, research centers, museums and libraries in my search for the truth. That list is more than 20 such institutions, by the way. Oh, I have held security clearances in both industry and the military and for more than fifteen years held a top secret clearance, but I wonder if these points are relevant when discussing the fraudulent MJ-12 documents.

Please tell us Stan, why you failed to mention Project Aquarius, Bill Moore’s plan to create a Roswell document, or his book written with Bob Pratt and probably Richard Doty called, Majik -12… isn’t that somewhat worrisome? The whole MJ-12 thing laid out in a work of fiction?

As for provenance, those leaking classified material into the mainstream are often identified even if it means prosecution… and with Watergate, Deep Throat was not known to the general public, but Woodward (and I think Ben Bradlee) knew who he was and where he worked or to put a point on it, they knew the provenance of the information. Stan’s ridiculous claim to that the leakers would remain hidden to avoid prosecution is not born out in the history of such actions. They provide the provenance to prove that the documents leaked are authentic… and there is no such verification for the EBD. The trail ends with the fiction created by Bill Moore.

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