UFO Sighting in Redmond, Washington on August 15th 2014 – Clear skies with minimal clouds and we observed an UFO for 40 minutes

It was late around 1:00 am and my best friend and I went out for one last smoke for the night before heading to bed. We smoke every night around 10pm and 1:00 and are aware of all the flight paths and emergency flight vehicles that pass through on a regular basis over our home. I was the first to notice the UFO. I must have watched it for about two minutes or so when I realized that it was not a satellite because of the speed it was going. I pointed it out to my friend and he started to pay attention to it as well. It was going twice as fast as the airplanes that come through to Seattle/Tacoma International Airport but still looked like a ‘star’ as we called it. It was much brighter than all the rest and very perfectly circular. It seemed to radiate or glow and got softer on the edges. I do struggle some with eyesight at night, so I was asking him if he was seeing exactly what I was seeing and he confirmed. We watched it go straight, but VERY fast from the NW to N. It slowed down some in speed and went behind the only cloud out that night. It then zipped out quickly so we could see it, then immediately went back to hiding in the cloud. It went back and forth in a matter of what seemed liked seconds to us. It did this one more time. We saw it race out of the cloud hiding and go back and forth 4 times. At this point, I began to shake a little from excitement. We did try to video with our phone, but we could not get it in the view of our phones which do need to be upgraded. (Razor Slim Andriod). It then proceeded to slowly come out of the cloud hiding and move very slow, like a satellite at this point. However we knew it was NOT a satellite at this point. Shortly after it came out of the cloud hiding, we saw a normal plane pass by which was probably the one red eye flight we see each night that passes by. The plane was down lower than the UFO at this point. The UFO had moved up even higher and now had stopped near what was a star. It stayed stationary for about 20 minutes. We continued to stare. We stared so much that I stopped staring at it and we joked that ‘they’ needed to do their paperwork before returning home, and then suddenly it started to move again and headed East. It was moving fast again, like it did in the very beginning. It headed East as if it was headed to cross the Snoqualmie Mountain pass region. We watched it until we couldn’t see it anymore and it disappeared. I was already a believer, but this was my first UFO sighting ever. This also made a firm believe out of my best friend who did not believe before.

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