Black Triangle Sighting in Hawaii on October 28th 2014 – 4 People See Orbs just appear then Moving then Triangle and fly away!

Ok Last night or if you will for me felt like the Night of October 27th 2014 but It was about 12:57 AM when they called me so I guess it was technically October 27th but if anyone else saw it after the fact a few minutes and it would be of the October 28th date!! That being said Here is what happened..

I got a call from a person I know. In my research of over 20 years I got extremely interested in methods of lie detection for example Micro expressions, Body Language, Vocal stress tones and Over all jesters!!

Having said that I my self after about 20 years of independent research into Lie detection I had very little experience in a court room with Legal. First before I go on I must say there is a very good reason I am telling you this tid bit of my personal history! Bare with me because Itl be a little long but there is a extremely good reason you must know this small history about what took place in this case in which My learning of lie detections, micro expressions won me a case against a very A grade attorney! I am a high school drop out, He lost his first case to me..

So I had a situation about 4 years ago in which a Large 100 Pound Pluss Female tortoise that brings in about 3,000$ income a year by producing offspring I had Lend this tortoise to a “Friend” Whom I had helped by providing care for her Male tortoise when this lady had to rush to California from Hawaii to visit her mother on her death bed.

So we had some history in my taking her tortoise for a couple of months at a time and then Id lend my female to her for a week or two. However at this point the lady tried to steal my tortoise from me and I had to Lie to her to get my tortoise back, I told her it had been nearly a year or two since I hd gotten to eeven see my tortoise, hence my trip to Australia, Yucatan Mexico, then Yucatan Mexico again and then Australia again all in the year of 2012. In fact I was in Mexico during the cylinder that flew into the volcano. Furthermore I saw my first Disc over the Ancient city of Ech Balam near Chichen Itza. I interviewed many Native Mayan people and it is so common they think Americans are idiots because its a regular part of there every day life. They had seen them EXTREMELY Close and very often..

Well oddly enough I saw my first silver disc hovering in one spot, never moved over Ech Balam for 15 minutes. I knew it was a silver disc for a few reasons.. #1 I lived on Big island of Hawaii for about 5 yearrs and now maui for about 8 or longer years. So I see a LOT of flights of 747s n such landing during sunset and I see the Hot firy pink reflection, reflecting off the airplanes as they land and just happen to reflecct the sunsetting hot pink color toward my location. Well #1 I cleeary see the windows at this point which would normally be too far to see the windows but as the plane flies through this reflection you can see it shining through the winndows so it is pretty good experience to have when Identifying UFOs. Please forgive my typos as my new computer has very flat keys. I instantly realize why the old keys are a half inch tall and tapered kind of like a pyramid because the taper causes the tops of the keys to be about a quarter inch apart preventing yourr fingers from hitting the wrong keys as the flat keys are only half or less apart so it is almost as hard typing on this coputer as it is to use my I Phone!

So back to the Lie detection and tortoise. Well after I got the tortoise back by means of contract she made me sign promising to split custody of MY Tortoise otherwise she would NEVER Return her.. I figured under the law forcing someone to sign with the altimatum of never getting it back is what they call agreeing to a contract under duress so I felt I was within my rights to sign her filthy contract that said in spite of her keeping my tortoise for a year orr two when she was agreed to borrow her for a week the first year she agreed to return her while I was gone but the entire year I spent traveling I oculd not set court dates and loose by failurre to appear. So I waited till My travels where complete to start attempt. so for the next year I spent her lies telling me she was busy that week, not home so I got the run around and around till I threatened to sue her.. Went to her home with police to serve her with a writ of possession and a court judge orrder!

So this began the process of court. However I agreed to drop my write if she returned the tortoise, she agreed but the day I showed up to pick it up she had this contract for me and it was sign this contract or never even see your tortoise again and an “I live in a 2.2 million dollar beach house on Maui I can afford the best of the best”. Well I had to arrange a truck for the transport of such a large tortoise so I did have a witness that I was forced to sign something I did NOT Willingly agree to. It was pretend to agree to it or Never see my tortoise unless I spend thousands of dollars in time and or money to have a judge do it but she could claim it died.. the liar she was.. Well she hired a big wig attorney from another island who must have charged her anywhere from 2,5000$ to 5,000$ even possibly 10,000$ as he had to make a flight, stay at a hotel every single time he appeared for her..I decided this was so stupid, It belinged to me my lending her with the agreement of a week or two did not stand a chance of getting the judge to force me to return MY Tortoise to her.. Anyway

Ok so now I have my tortoise back and I tell her strait to go to HEll. Wel she now files a restraining order against me as well as files a writ of possession against me along with a lawsuite for 2,500$ the value of a tortoise she had put on record was only worth 300$ and I had emails from her offering to buy her multiple times for 800$ and I said NO, NO NO NO Every time!! I had copies of all these emails, facebooks ec etc..

Ok now I am in courrt against a Gradee A Best attorney money can buy, very wealthy peerson but she is completely willing to lie even under oath and flat out claim I Gave her the tortoise with the full undderstanding it would be FOR EVER!!!

Well to keep this short I will just say for one reason orr another the case got a few delays and this attorney pointed his finger at my face and told me in a very nasty way “Your going to Pay for my traveling expenses and accommodations! I looked at him with full confidence and said “Good luck with that” I ffelt his client was a total Liar, even had likely lied to him and he had no chance of getting a judge to force me to Give someone a tortoisse I own, my income.. No way.. And I would not ever lie but if it did come down to a judgement against me I would have sooner donated it to someone else and claim it died and was creamated.. That would have beeen the only lie id of told because I was not come hell or high water going to give my peet to a crazy ruthless liar trying to rrailrroad me with her money..

So she had her Tenants 17 year old son as a witness against me to testify that I had in fact GIFTED This tortoise to her and he was present during this gifting of this tortoise which was amazing as I had never seen him before in my liife.. I had only talkeed to him one time on the phone and when I told him my side of the story he told me “Wow I cant believe she would be so horrible and I am sorry I did not know” I never thought he would lie under Oath for a liar and he knows shes a liar because if she is asking him to Lie well how can he not assume shes a liar too? However I underestimated the idea she was his and his fatheer’s Landlord!!!! Free rent or Eviction??

Ok well This attorney really screwed me because My witness was two people who where truly present during the time she picked it up and promised two weeks SHE would returrn it and the extremely specific detail was SHE Would return it because Id be in Australia.. So My mother and Best friend where there, my friend even loaded it into her vehicle for her..

Well I was NOT an attorney and in spite of me spending two grand flying these witnesses from the USA to Hawaii this jerk was able to prrevent my witnesses because I had not put them on a witness list because I did not know if Id have the fuunds to get them here, by the time I did It was too late so I figured Id hand them the revised list as soon as I knew they could even show up.. NOPE Didnt work s this atttorney used his skills to screw me out of 2 grand and my eye witnesses yet allowed a 17 yeear old to legally testify which is illegal in this state as far as I can read..

That being said the key to the case was this kid.. Because I decided the one thing I was good at is I told the truth, the truth was on my side and when you lie keeping tracck of every little lie is so hard that if you just ask the same question later and begin to get different answers it shoudl be quite simple to expose her as a Liar!!

That being said when I got that Kid on the stand I used some techhniques I learned from years of Micro expression, Vocal stress tones, Body language lie detection mixed with some taxtics policce hadd tried to use on me to allow an unlawful searrch of my car when I was a teen. this cop asked me several questions in which he knew my answer would bbe Obviously “No” Then quickly popped in with “Do you mind if I search your Vehicle” And I almostt said “No” You see he asks till you get bored and just continue aying No then when you say “No” to that your screwed..

And the other thing I learned from that was that he asked me in a DIFFERENT Way than I expected.. You expect a cop to ask “Can I search your vehicle” in which the answer is “NO” However his tactic is by his line of questioning if your answer is “No” your consenting. This is how… “May I search your car”—“No” This means NO YOU CAN NOT/// Do you mind if I search your Car” In this question the answer “No” Is consenting to the unlawful search! So this was tricky and I almost said NO and hed of found nothing but I felt he was a jerk and my rights where not respected.. So his TWO Tricks of asking me several questions hed know Id say NO to and calmly asking me a question BACKWARDS so the typical denial answer results in accepting approval of his request..

So I decided to apply All I knew of Lie ddetection spacifically micro expressions and this one situation that One late night being pulled over taught me by oe smarrt ass cop.. I also had some experience in Polygraphs so I knew how they ask the set up questions which is very similar to Psychological lie detection in eye directions because 10% look one direction when responding TO Questions and 90% look the other direction so if your going to use eye direction to detect lies you have to ask a series of controlled group questions just like a polygraph exam,

And you will not believe what happened on court record and how a high school drop out became the very first loss to an amazing attorney!!!

I had a few things going for me.. I knew this kid intended to LIE so he was #1 Nervous and #2 He was waiting for me to ask him a particular question a particular way i.e. he had his lie packaged up inside him simply waiting for me to ask him the question he was waiting for and then he would testify that I GAVE Her my tortoise in front of him..

So I knew he was expecting me to ask hi “Did you see me tell her I gifted this to her” Yes I did”

I also knew I needed to make him feel more comfortable with me and calm him in order to allow him to blurt out the truth by mistake. In much the same way the Police officer tried to get me to allow a search. I also decided to ask the question in a compleetely un expected way so the odds where pretty good hes mistakenly forget to lie and tell the truth.

Now I expected a Micro expression by means of beginning to tell the truth and stopping him self peerhaps just barily enough for the judge to notice he was lying!!

But what happened was incredible and I could not have expected the results in a milliion years and in all my research I had never seen such a thing happen..

So I slowly began to ask this kids a “Control Group” of questions to create a pattern AND To calm him, AND To take his mind or distract him from his packaged lie and make him forget to lie..

So I began to be very calm, And Unexpectedly I also used my experience in Hypnotics and I in facct Hypnotized this kid right in the court room to the most amazing result. Now I am not a hypnotist but I know how to do it in many ways as you will read..

I Used a very Calm voice to bring him to a calm hypnotic state before I would then pop the big question he was waiting for but Id do it kind of backwards like the cop tried to me so that he would not catch it and answer honeestly by complete mistake!!!

So after my control group, Quiet calm voice, and calming him completely even to the point where he likely figured I had decided NOT to ask him the queestion he had expected to lie for I mean he already testified for her and told the courts he witnessed my GIFTING This tortoise to her for EVER!! Under Oath Mind you..

Ok so Once I got him comfortable Insted of asking him “Did I gift the tortoise to her in front of you” In which he was waitting for this.. At this point I got him to forget about this queestion and assume I was not going to ask. And He was correct because instead I said “At what point did the Ownership of the tortoise becoe questionable to YOU?” His answer was not only the absolute real TRUTH By mistake but it was the biggest micro expression Iv ever seen even in books or TV as far as I know human history!!

So his answer was “When you had LEND your tortoise to Terri and SHE Promised to RETURN Her”

Of course I did not expect such an amazing and SHOCKING Degree of response what was suppose to be a small micro expression peerhaps almost catching him in a lie at best but instead he blurted out the ENTIRE Truth by complete Mistake because he simply got comfortable with me, and FORGOT to lie because I did not ask the question in the way in which he remembered to lie to..

So I made a mistake and asked him to repeat the answer. He said he ddid not recall and I told him “So you admit than that you KNOW and KNEW that I had not only Lend the tortoise to her but She then agreed to RETURN it to me? He answered “No I did not just say that” I argued “Thats exactly what you just said, Judge can we have the court recorder read his answer back to him?” Judge said “I will accept his answer” Which had NOW Changed to “No I did not just admit that and You Gave her the tortoise in front of me..

Ok well closing the attorney fully confident he owudl win saidd “Your Honor this comes down to a simple matter of credibility and Terri is simply much more credible than Mr McI. and I feel the court should judge in favor of her as it is clearly about credibility!

Well My Closing was great because I got to speak last. Well Knowing that if I did not put the judge on the spot and gave him any chance to judge for the bbig wig attorney he would likely do it just because these guys stick together.

I also knew this was all being recorded on a transcript and his reputtation as a judge is far more important than the second most important part of being in the law and that is there little club!!!

So what I did in closing was said “I do agree this is about credibility and I do not believe it is even possible for me to loose my case because I have told the full truth, and I feel the truth is VERY Easy to keep track of so if asked over and over you will stick to the same answer. But a Lie is so easy to discover, expose because one mistake, Is exposed quite easily if one asks the same question in a couple off different ways”

At this point I looked the Judge right in the eye and pointed toward him and I said “Your Honor I know you allowed this boy to change his answer but I also know as a Human being and a Man I KNOW What I just saw, I know you just saw the same exact thing I just saw,” At which point I turned and pointed to her attorney and said “Also as a Human being and a Man I KNOW What you just saw, We are all adults here now and what we ALL Just saw was a boy manipulated by a ruthless liar willing to purger her self and con a child into purging his self so she can railroad a man who lent her a tortoise for two weeks!!! I expect a judgement in my favor because I KNOW You just saw the same thing I just saw which was this kid simply FORGOT to lie and Blurted out the truth so fast when I asked him to repeat him self he not only forgot what he just said but swore under oath that he DID NOT JUST Say those very words!! I also know that All us men KNOW The court transcript recorded that child’s statement that He had Witnessed My LENDING Her the tortoise and Her PROMISING to RETURN it!!!!!”

I rested my closing at that..

Judge came out and said something like Toward her attorney “Yes I agree with the Plaintiff” At which point they all thought they had it and started smiling reALLY BIG!! Judge proceeded.

“I agree with you that this does come down to a matter of credibility and frankly I find that Mr McI and his Father McI SR. Are Credible in this matter and Yourr client Simply is NOT!! My judgement is for the Defendant”!

It was so amazing because this mean attorney who nastily told me Id pay dealry for postponing the trial came over and shook my hand and congratulated me on my win and apologized and told me it was not personal he had agreed to take her case and thus had to complete his attempt. But he had no idea Id get that kid to blurt out the truth like that and he thought he had me when he burnt me on my witnesses.. My witnesses where my only real hope and when He got those thrown out He and I both thought he had it… .Till I realized my only last hope was this weak child..

Anyway now ILl get to my RREPORT..

The Point of this huge story is to drive home the point that I have put y lie detection experience to the test and as you see won a court trial against incredible odds! Having said that I can tell you in spite of not having een this UFO my self I am convinced these young people where telling me the truth!!

So I recieved a phonee call about 12:57 AM on well that being after 12: would make it officially October 28TH NOT the 27th! And he was scared, I could eeasily hear all the signs of major stress tones in his voice, the voice of the people in his car with him.. and he reported to me having seen Three White Orbs doing circles, zigzags bouncing allover the place, doing right angle turns,, amazing things at very high rates of speed, shape shifting into a triangle with one ight at ach corner and then flying from the haleakala crater of Maui and once it either got in V formation about the size of a couple of football fields they said “Huge” Larger than I ever imagined..

He reported that the orbs just appeaared out of nowhere right under the thunder clouds in triangle shape with a light at each corner before they separated and did all thet I previously reported.. Then back into the V or triangle and headed toward Hana which was Due East!!

I told him to go directly home get all four peopl to hand write what they saw with as many details as possible separately and allow me to use those with names on this MUFON report but I have not heard back from him.

My reason to deeply establish my Lie detection history is to assure that in my opinion this kid was extremely scared, stress tones where so obvious I was more sure he had seen this and was very afraid than I was that kid was lying in that court that day!!!

That being said I am not reporting this to be Published. Id prefer this to stay in private database for MUFON researchers ONLY and I am reporting this for my Own special interests to find out if ANYBODY HAD REPORTED SEEEING THIS TRIANGLE OVER MAUI on October 28thh 12:57- 1:30 AM. Not sure how long it took to get over Hana but My gueess would be an hour.. Having said that PLEASE Contact me in the event someone reports this. Or heck if you get any reports of this same crft n the same day or if they mistakenly say October 27th late night 2014 PLEASE Contact me and tell me.. I want to validate this with More eye witnesses..

I did see a video footage of one October 14th 2014 of Precisely the same exact thing these kids described to me!! I mean It amazed me this footage was not taken of the same NIGHT It was surely the same craft for sure!! As the footage had three white orbs that sizzagged, bounced, right angle turns and formed a triangle as it apeared triangle then they began to move, grow, zigzag, flash and then turn back into formation and take off!! It shocks me it is recorded and reported what a week prior or so? almost two weeks prior? AMAZING Because that footage is EXACTLY What these four witnesses reported to me frantically that night!!

I hope I hear good news from you.. I am sorry this was so long but it was extremely important to me that you realize my experience and success in lie detection so when I say he was telling the truth and obviously very scared and stress tones of real fear!! You know I am not someone lacking experience to know this..

That being said feel free to contact me.. Id be glad to use some of my experience to become a volunteer for MUFON research as I have many other skills. I know how to use CGI Software. I know how to really tear down footage and analyze it to determine authentic footage, images from fakes.. Iv researched UFOs for Years and Years..

Ok Back to Ech Balam Yucatan and My personal experience. Having seen Hundreds and hundreds of flights land during the hot pink sunset flashing off the sides of the 747s and being able to seee the sun hot pink flash through the windows on the side clearly showing it was a plane.. And the plane being way to far to notice windows except the sun flashing through them very brightly..

My sighting in Ech Balam of a silver disc hovering over it for 15 minutes looked EXACTLY Like this exxcept it was NO Windows and I thought it was a plane heading directly toward me till I realized two things. NO Airport within 300 miles and #3 after 15 minutes of it not moving one bit.. I realized it was a very reflective material Hovering in one spot over a pyramid city of Ech Balam just near Chichen Itza. Now the Mayan people who saw this with me about 8 or 10 of them said it was a star.. That it was the first star coming out.. However I know for a fact it was not a star.. I oculd understand why they felt it was a star because they see MOVING UFOs so often one standing still does not look like anything they are use to but in all my YEARS Of watching planes land during sunset.. It was also during the Red Hot Pink color of sunset.. I VERY Clearly saw that REFLECTING OFF The surface of this Object and I know for a fact stars can not reflect the hot pink of a sunset..

Now keep in mind this thing as the sun continued to set.. It may have lasted longer than 15 minutes beecause if you had ever seen a sunset the last final part of it as it is Hot Pink very bright appears to move a lot faster than normal day sun.. So what I saw was the Object slightly glowing hot pink and the more the sun changed setting the brighter it got. It got so Bright.. Another example ILl give you is driving home after work during sunset on Maui as your looking up the mountain side the windows of the homes on the sides of the mountains REFLECT This Hot Pink Glow and as the sun sets they go from a dim glow to a EXTREMELY Bright Glow very noticeably OBVIOUS HUGE Glow with like Id explain it like 20% reflection to 100% reflection.. Now the difference was the windows do not quite appear to become LARGER but this Disc or Star as the Mayans called it.. As the sun set it went from Dim reflection of the pink to EXTREMELY HUGE Perhaps Half the size of the Moon and Extremely HOT Pink GLOW!! And dimmed out to NOTHING At all and was completely gone.. So if this was a star How did it change brightness to such a degree and why did it vanish as the sun continued to set? I mean if it was a star starting to show than why would it not continue to show and even get more star like as it got dark? Nope It was way to far from dark to even be a star and It gowed so Large and so vividly and The reflective properties I mean again.. Started very dim to a point I was convinced it was a star. Once it got HUGELY Brithg hot pink I was convinced it was a Plane but heading directly toward me explaining why no windows and no cylindrical shape as typical in planes landing during sunset.. But after fifteen minutes and realizing no landing in the jungle.. I knew this was a Silvery Disc or something extremely reflectinve with the ability to hhover for a very long time.. for the entire duration of the sunset!! Not all the ay till dark but from the time the sun goes Hot Pink to the time it sets behind Horizon and its still day light but it is no after glow of the sun and not dark yet.. No stars.. Not even ONE…

I saw my first UFO, Silver Disc over an ancient Pyramid city in Yucatan Jungle..

Thank you.. Aloha

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