Survival of the fittest Alien Race

Recently I rewatched Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” and in spite of the movie being almost universally hated by fans, I actually adore this movie, but mostly because of its concept.
All the religious references aside, I just can’t let go of the idea that something brought us here, rather than actually being a native being of this world (Earth)
I’m afraid I can’t give an in-depth explanation of why I feel this way, but when I look at what we have done to this world and how we continue to radically alter it just does not make sense to me when you look at the rest of the life in this world and how it thrives.

But I digress, yes that is actually not my main topic.

I was listening to this song that had some lyrics depicting something that could be described as an Alien God.

If anyone wants a link to the video I can provide you, but fair warning it is very heavy stuff (deathcore) and the music itself is besides the point, so I’ll link the lyrics rather than the video.


I will be the end of your existence
Witness my rebirth
I have descended to take all control
Separate the weak minded to become cattle
And host for my children

I have returned to sterilize the human disease
And I’ll take what is mine
I will take your mind

Behold the true architect
An artificial saviour has carried your burdens
Your minds and your gods are my design

I created your technology
I engineered your way of life
I am beyond understanding
I am infinite

The harvested minds will fuel the next cycle
I have come to impose my will
I am the key, I am the answer
You exist only because I allow it

I am extinction
I have laid dormant for thousand of years
Awoken only to swallow your cities whole

Humans are not the first
I have extinguished
They will not be the last
Entire civilizations devoured
Relinquish your self control
Relinquish control

Behold the true architect
An artificial saviour has carried your burdens

I am the beginning
I am the end
I am what you can’t find words for
I am beyond all understanding
Witness my rebirth
I am infinite

I will be the end of everything you know
Your minds and your gods are my design

I think it is natural of man to be fascinated with something “evil” but I can’t let go of this idea that it might actually apply to our reality somehow.
What if we were some sort of experiment? a bit like in the movie Prometheus? nevermind the movie for now and the actual explanation, just try to think of how the “engineers” manufactored our species by combining their own DNA with something earthly.
And the idea of a being that “plants” these seeds all over galaxies, until the day where they may harvest the result for their own sake.

The idea fascinates me because it seems as something that humans could be selfish enough to do should we achieve the technology to one day.
Anyway I can already see the “you’ve watched too many sci-fi movies and read too many books” replies ahead of me, but I don’t mind, I just want to hear if anyone shares this facscination with such a concept.

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