UFO Sighting in Lee's Summit, Missouri on October 20th 2014 – Early Morning Bright Light

Monday morning October 20, 2014 at 7:03 a.m. a brightly lit craft appeared travelling in a straight path above the tree tops behind our home. It was at approximately 17�� above the horizon, and first appeared in the north-northwest (340��). The object continued for about 40 seconds until it disappeared from view in other trees (at 353��). I ran and grabbed the camera and turned the video on and obtained two short segments. The first lasted 9 seconds, and the second lasted 16 seconds.

Upon analysis, the object was definitely not an airplane or anything explainable. Due to the fact that I was trying to get the best focus, there are places where the video is much clearer than others. However, the best images are attached. Several things may be deduced by the analysis:

1. The resolution shows some type of round object which does appear to change back and forth extremely rapidly in various states.
2. The craft appears to be spheroid.
3. At least 5 grooves appear to run around the circumference of different lengths depending on their location on the sphere.
4. Red/orange pulses appear which are nearly identical to those which were noted in my previous report of October 5 entitled ���Rapidly Morphing Craft���, case # 60677.
5. The pulses have a different periodic duration than on October 5���almost spontaneous by comparison. They tend to vary from as little as .2 sec to about 4 seconds apart.

The trajectory of the craft appears to begin on the Western shore of Blue Springs Lake, and continue over it in a southerly direction. Calculation of the relative size of the object would be between 12 to 15 feet in diameter, and nearly a mile distant from my position. The altitude was �� mile, or 1320 feet.

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