UFO Sighting in Lompoc, California on October 28th 2014 – Outside talking to neighbor. Pointed out moving and wobbling light that blinked out. Then behind us witnessed 2 very bright star like lights moving in formation up and across, faded out. Third light multi color hover 30 min.

I was standing outside talking to neighbor in front of his house. Just a couple houses from my home. He asked if I had seen any lights in the sky lately hovering and changing color. I stated I had seen someone with a drone one night and that he probably saw that. He then pointed across the street saying “that’s wgphat I saw”. It was a red/orange and green lit object hovering to the West. It moved to the left , wobbled, dipped side to side. Then it went to the left and faded/blinked out. Still in awe, my neighbor said he had also seen some unusual lights in the sky to the East behind his house. We both looked up in that direction and witnessed 2 very large and bright star like objects moving in formation and curving into alignment with several other stars creating a “V” like formation. The 2 larger objects quickly faded out. The other “stars” faded and vanished. Moments later in the same direction was an object similar to the first object, hovering in the night sky, multi colored, bright and pulsating. Not flashing like a conventional plane. It would move slightly but mostly hovered. I went home to tell my wife and point it out in the backyard. She thought it was a helicopter at first. But agreed that it was odd that lights appeared to circle or rotate around the object. We witnessed other aircraft approach the same area as the object. I went inside to tell the kids what I saw. When I returned, the object was gone along with all of the other aircraft.

We live a few miles away from VAFB. So we see a lot of aircraft and rocket launches. I have no idea what I saw tonight. One sighing is weird but three?

I was scared but a little shocked. And the fact that my neighbor who witnessed it with, a retired telecom employee that I respect, validated that I wasn’t seeing things.

I am 51 years old. A Christian but also believer that there is something unexplained in our past and present skies. I am married with two daughters ages 8 and 13. And I work for a local credit union. I consider myself to be of sound mind. Mostly.

Have there been any ther sightings in this area like this?

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